In Memoriam: Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs dies

Sad and shocking news to start the day. Steve Jobs was a genius, not only because he co-created Apple and pretty much single-handedly turned it into the most iconic name in business but also because his simple presence could dwarf everything around him and re-shape things just by being there. No amount of money and fame can do that; it has to come from within.I was never the biggest fan of Apple but I had nothing but great admiration for the man. RIP, Steve.

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Dognappers spark deadly violence across Vietnam – Yahoo! News

Dognappers spark deadly violence across Vietnam – Yahoo! News.

What better way to start my hard-hitting blog than by clubbing a little doggi…. er, I mean issue that needs addressing. I’ve lived in Asia for a while so I’m not grossed out by dog-eating (heck, I’ve partaken a couple of times myself – it was the polite way to go, OK?) but stealing people’s pets in order to sell them as meat takes the cake… or is it the steak? Sick….

See how the local police is helpless against this invasion of doggy-snatchers? Had this been the civilized West we’d have special police forces assisted by PETA guarding every dog in town (humans can take care of themselves, right?). You have to give it to the vigilantes, though- torching the bad guy and leaving him by the roadside Dracula-style as an example to other bad guys is a custom I really hope catches on worldwide. I visited ‘Nam once and I did have a great time but then I wasn’t walking a dog. I had also been forewarned (by a guidebook, so I did take it with a grain of salt at the time) not to let anything hang loose on me lest it be snatched by a speeding biker. Good I didn’t bring little Fifi along…..

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Welcome to my blog! As you can probably guess it’s going to contain my not-so-subtle thoughts on the things that happen around us, mostly in the world of politics, the economy and the world of entertainment and sports. Yes, all of this! This is where the ‘idle’ part comes from. I really find the time (at the expense of some sleep) to look at all kinds of useless things and comment on them.

As for the ‘cynic’, this is for you to judge. Don’t be scared by the word; there will be nothing obscene in here, neither language nor pictures. Cynicism is a just the way I try to look at things. It’s just a synonym for ‘complete objectivity’ … he-he, fat chance!!

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